A Certificate of Origin is an official document intended for international trade, verifying the origin of a particular shipment. It lists in which country certain goods are produced, manufactured and processed. The Certificate of Origin (CO) is requested by the exporter and certified by an acknowledged public authority, usually the Chamber of Commerce. It exists both in printed and electronic form and is sent together with the goods.

Today more than 2000 chambers around the world issue 15 million certificates of origin.

With a paper Certificate of Origin, a substantial amount of time is lost, because someone must manually fill in and physically pick up the document. The solution? A modern web application such as Cosigno that allows the requesting and issuing of electronic documents quickly and easily.

Actually an electronic Certificate of Origin is requested in the same way as it used to be, but now you request it online.


  1. Make the CO request, fill in the fields and attach the necessary documents.
  2. Digitally sign and submit your request.
  3. The Chamber processes your request.
  4. Print the PDF on paper or use it as e-CO.


The Chamber of Commerce verifies the submitted request and approves or rejects it. Certificate approved? The application automatically generates the required PDF documents with a digital signature. The signature is a type LTV so it always remains valid. Notifications within Cosigno and emails are sent to the user (and the authorized organization) so they can be kept up to date of the status of the request. The CO and its attachments can now be printed on blank or pre-printed paper by the company or the Chamber.


Request a certificate in 4 steps


Integration and Automation

Cosigno provides an extensive RESTful API enabling cross-platform communication. Because of this technology companies can connect their systems to Cosigno with very little effort. That is especially useful for companies that submit a lot of requests on a daily basis. The automation of the process provides significant time savings.

It’s a two-way traffic, between the company and the Chamber. Cosigno offers export capabilities to the CRM system and even can make a connection with foreign Customs Services.

Detailed Reports

The authorized government institution can easily monitor and audit the use of the application. Usually, samples are taken to check if the process still runs correctly and if there is no fraud. As a user, you also get access to a dashboard with charts. You can export these reports in a variety of formats.

Flexible User Management

The application incorporates a flexible user management thanks to an advanced roles and rights system. Users belong to of a specific group from which they inherit their rights. They can be viewed and adjusted at any time. The company administrator himself determines the rights of a particular employee.


Cosigno follows ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Guidelines. So Chambers can join the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) accreditation chain. The documents then receive an official ICC stamp.

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Fast and Easy Validation of Authenticity

The application creates a Certificate of Origin, visa, … and the authenticity must be guaranteed. Its existence and authenticity can be verified in different ways:

  • Use the Cosigno Mobile App on your smartphone to scan the QR-code on the Certificate of Origin and it will retrieve the original, so that you can visually compare it with the paper version. Use your web browser on your desktop or laptop computer to retrieve a Certificate of Origin with the hash value and the CO number.
  • Use your web browser or the Cosigno Mobile App to verify the authenticity of an e-CO. Cosigno guarantees a decentralized proof of existence using blockchain technology. Cosigno does not store the complete document in the blockchain, we only store a cryptographic digest of the file. The key advantages are anonymity, privacy and a proof that can’t be erased or modified by anyone. Your e-CO’s existence is permanently validated by the blockchain.


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Request a certificate in 4 steps


Fast and Easy Validation of Authenticity